Artists put final touches on Art Basel pieces at Wynwood Walls

South Florida — it’s time to get your Art Basel on! Miami is set to be invaded by artists, fans and collectors from all over the world. Deco stopped by Wynwood Walls and got a preview of what’s to come.

Art Basel will take over South Florida next week with hundreds of shows and events.

One of Miami’s hottest destinations, Wynwood Walls, will be front and center hosting artists from every corner of the globe.

Jessica Goldman Srebnick, Goldman Properties: “This year’s theme is ‘beyond words.’ ‘Beyond words’ really speaks to really whatever you want it to speak to, just the way art is completely universal, and art has a way of communicating way beyond language.”

Artists are busy finishing up their work.

For most, it means touching up with paint. For Portuguese artist Vhils, it means breaking out the jackhammers.

Vhils, artist: “I was basically added on walls. I just came up with idea of, ‘Why am I adding to the wall? Why don’t I extract and paint the layers that are inside of it already?'”

Vhils uses industrial tools to cut into the wall, which creates dramatic murals.

Vhils: “I basically get hammer drills, chisels. I go on the wall and sketch everything first. Then I basically go through it and paint what’s already there.”

Japanese artist Matzu is going big with a mural full of detail and color.

Tomokazu Matsuyama: “My work is shown in galleries and institution museums, but a mural like this is more community based, so you get to engage the public at large. Every culture has its own painting that represents horse and rider, cowboys, knights, samurais. ”

Getting a little culture will not cost you a dime. The Wynwood Walls are open to the public free of charge.

Jessica Goldman Srebnick: “We have an opportunity to see the greatest artwork happening in the world all here at one time. Take the opportunity. Go to the fairs, walk the street, infuse yourself with artwork. It’s gonna make your life that much more beautiful for you.”


Art Basel at Wynwood Walls

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