When you hear the term “art fair,” you probably think about Art Basel or some big gallery exhibit. But in Fort Lauderdale, they’re finding a new way to paint the town.

When it comes to art, South Florida knows how to keep things colorful.

And in the 954, they really know how to soak it all in this time of year.

Andrew Martineau, founder: “Art Fort Lauderdale in general is a four-day art fair that’s basically hosted in luxury, waterfront homes on Fort Lauderdale’s intercoastal waterways.”

The four-day annual event brings an experience like no other to the city.

Think of it as bar-hopping, but instead of watering holes, guests are visiting multi-million dollar mansions by boat.

Andrew Martineau: “What’s really great about it is that you have this like 60-person boat that’s essentially taking people from place to place. But you either come with your friends or you’re meeting people on there, so it gives you a little bit more time to socialize.”

And each one of those luxury homes is filled with unique pieces of art from all over the world.

More than 300 pieces of them.

But this year’s piece de resistance comes from a French collective called Obvious.

Sure they may look like classical paintings from a distance, but there’s a very modern twist.

Andrew Martineau: “What’s really interesting about Obvious is that they basically created these art pieces by inputting data into a computer, into a database, and then using two algorithms that basically fight against each other to create a new image.”

These three are among the world’s first artificially created portraits.

And they’re not the only tech-savvy pieces in the room.

Andrew Martineau: “There’s a piece right behind that’s actually done by an artist out of London, and he’s really big into the crypto and Bitcoin world. So this room essentially has the artists that are kind of like pushing the boundaries from a tech standpoint into the art world.”

Art Fort Lauderdale isn’t just for show because you can actually own everything you see, including the brand new homes themselves.

Andrew Martineau: “Three of the houses, including the one that we’re in right now, are just completed.”

You’ll just have to draw up some pretty big bucks to do it.


Art Fort Lauderdale

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