Jason Momoa has big, bulging muscles, and a big personality, so which is bigger? Deco’s chief seaman Chris Van Vliet is here with Aquaman himself.

Aquaman might be the coolest superhero, and Jason Momoa is one of those guys you’d just want to sit down and have a beer with. Well, it turns out beer plays a big role into getting a body that looks like Aquaman.

Jason Momoa (as Arthur): “What could be greater than a king?”

Amber Heard (as Mera): “A hero.”

When the movie starts out, Jason Momoa isn’t Aquaman — he’s just Arthur, born of a father who is a human and a mother who is the queen of Atlantis. When his half-brother, played by Patrick Wilson, starts a war that could wipe out billions of people, Amber Heard’s character tracks down Arthur for help.

Amber Heard: “Mera is a bad [expletive], kick [expletive], strong, fierce, empowered superhero in her own right.”

Amber Heard (as Mera): “The only way to stop this war is for you to take your rightful place as king.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Where exactly or when exactly does this take place in the DC Universe?”

Jason Momoa: “I think I’m coming straight from Justice League.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Are we talking day after, week after?”

Jason Momoa: “You cut to me coming home and running into a submarine, and then bang-o!”

Jason Momoa (as Arthur): “Permission to come aboard.”

The majority of the movie takes place in Atlantis, which is underwater, but to make it look like they’re underwater, it’s actually completely dry, and the actors are suspended on wires almost like puppets.

Chris Van Vliet: “So if we were to walk on set on the days you’re underwater, you’re strung up and floating around?”

Patrick Wilson: “You would see a strange avant-garde theater with me and Willem Dafoe kind of flying around.”

Willem Dafoe: “You’re sitting there, and you’re trying to pretend you’re in water and keep enough movement that you don’t look stiff, but not too much that it looks like you’re dancing.”

The action in this movie is top notch, and in order to achieve that, it took a ton of training.

Amber Heard: “I started training about five months and a half before I even went to Australia, and then there was another month and a half of training of stuff that I did. so it was an easy half a year.”

Jason Momoa let me in on the secret to getting a body like Aquaman.

Jason Momoa: “I have a very funny story, which I’ve never told anyone. I go to my trainer at the time, ‘Give me a Guinness. Give me a Guinness,’ so right before we did the underwater thing, I cracked two Guinness, pounded them. And my body’s like, my whole body, you can see my veins, I’m like the Hulk, ‘You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.'”

And you know what one of the best parts of being a superhero is? Getting to show off to your mom!

His mom, “mom-oa,” is a big fan of Julia Roberts, and he posted this picture from when the three of them ran into each other. Mom’s pretty excited!

“Aquaman” dives into theaters on Friday.

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