You know what’s annoying? When you music stuck in your head, but you can’t figure out what song it’s from.

That’s definitely not the kind of problem you wanna have as a contestant on Fox’s Beat Shazam.

The show returns for an all new season tonight, and guest DJ Kelly Osbourne is dropping some beats with Deco.

Jamie Foxx: “Welcome to Beat Shazam. This is my house, and in my house, it’s all about the M&M’s: music and money.”

It’s a game show you know and love.

Jamie Foxx: “Tonight three teams will battle it out to see who’s the fastest at identifying the monster hit songs.”

With a major payday, but when Fox’s Beat Shazam returns for season six tonight, and It’s gonna look a little different.

Nick Cannon: “It’s my pleasure to introduce our guest DJ, who actually needs no introduction. It’s the incredible Kelly Osbourne.

Nick Cannon and Kelly Osbourne are standing in for Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corrine.

As the actor continues to recover from a mysterious medical issue that sent him to the hospital last month. Big shoes to fill, but someone’s gotta do it.

Kelly Osbourne: “It was such an honor to be asked to step in, and just be a part of a show that I think is magic.”

The show isn’t changing just because the host and DJ are different though.

Kelly Osbourne: “You know it’s exactly the same, you just get to watch my terrible dance moves.”

Kelly Osbourne: “I am waiting for the memes that are gonna come out because I kept losing myself in the music, and I just kept, I had the best time. It was like a party from the minute you step on set to the minute you leave.”

Jamie and Corrine may bring the fun father-daughter dynamic.

Corinne Foxx: “Before I say the category, you gotta promise me, you’re gonna keep it together, zip that jacket up, maybe you gotta go in the corner. It’s sexy songs.”

But Kelly tells us reuniting with her pal Nick made this gig easy and breezy.

Kelly Osbourne: “Working with Nick is just so fun and easy. There’s no drama, he comes in, and he’s so professional. He’s like the one-take wonder. He just gets it, and then there’s me who has to do things two or three times.”

Still, she says she’d rather be in the DJ booth than playing as a contestant.

Kelly Osbourne: “I think that I would freeze, blank, and get like angry. Because it’s so high intensity and you’re in there and you only have like seconds.”

And as the show kicks off the new season. They’re all rooting for the Foxx fam.

Kelly Osbourne: “It is such a family atmosphere out there.”

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