With the long weekend underway, we’re sure you are looking for something to do. How about checking out Art Wynwood. The celebration gives artists a chance to wow the crowd — and make some bank, too.

If you wanna paint the town red, white or blue this weekend, head over to Art Wynwood in Midtown. Rock ‘n’ roll is the art of choice at the Art Wynwood Pavilion this year.

Alicia Mitchell, Art Wynwood: “We’re just representing artists that have a huge passion for creating art that’s influenced by music.”

But for New York artist Trey Speegle, it’s all about the numbers. He’s created an interactive Paint by Numbers mural.

Trey Speegle: “This piece is from the early 50s, and it’s been redrawn and renumbered and a new palette mixed for it, and that’s how this mural’s being created.”

It’s not just an art piece. It’s also a conversation starter.

Trey Speegle: “The question that the painting asks is, what kind of world do you want? So you can actually paint with us, and we also have these activation cards where people can answer the questions.”

Trey collaborated with online art retailer Twyla to pull this off and says you can buy the limited edition pieces for a steal at $250.

Street artist Shepard Fairey is making a statement with his art exhibition “Universal Personhood.” Some of the portraits feature Latinas and Muslims.

Shepard Fairey: “I do what I do because I care about human beings. I embrace humanity, so it’s really nice to know that the work has an impact on people.”

Now, his love of humanity and art isn’t the only reason he’s in the 305.

Shepard Fairey: “I love Miami this time of year. The weather’s really nice. I’m from South Carolina, but I do love Miami in the winter months. It’s perfect.”

Art Wynwood

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