If you could fake your death, would you? Think of everything you could get away with. Yeah, Shireen wouldn’t have to deal with certain friends and family. The cast of “6 Underground” does just that, and it allows them to do all kinds of things — like save the world.

Ryan Reynolds (as One): “Yeah, we could have used the warm-up mission.”

Death becomes them in the new Netflix movie “6 Underground.”

Ryan Reynolds: “‘6 Underground’ are six people who have gone underground.”

Underground — as in — they have faked their own deaths.

Ryan Reynolds: “They’re a pariah in their world, and for whatever reason they have reached their breaking point, and they’re recruited by my character, who is a guy who has made a lot of money selling inventions.”

Led by Ryan Reynolds — or One as he is called — the elite team is handpicked to take down a corrupt world leader because they’ve got mad skills. Plus, being off the grid helps them fly under the radar.

Ben Hardy: “Four, he’s a parkour expert. It’s often quite gravity-defying and death-defying, so yeah, it was a cool part for me to play.”

Melanie Laurent: “My character is kind of like super cold. She’s an ex-CIA agent, and we kind of act like soldiers, and she’s obsessed with doing her job good.”

Corey Hawkins: “I play Seven. He’s a Delta Force operator. He’s a sniper. He’s a dead eye. He provides overwatch for the team, and he’s really, really good with weapons.”

“6 Underground” is directed by Michael Bay, which means car chases, explosions and shootouts are mandatory, but for Adria Arjona, playing someone who didn’t have to shoot a gun was a dream come true.

Adria Arjona: “To kind of have in a big action movie, especially a big Michael Bay movie, that one character that is not violent to me was really important and really cool and interesting.”

With all this talk about acting like a ghost, Deco wanted to know who the cast would ghost if they could?

Ryan Reynolds: “We all want to step outside of ourselves, our own silly stupid orbits, every once in a while, so yeah, gonna go with myself.”

Adria Arjona: “My younger brother. He reminds me of all the things that I am not the best at. He, like, just throws it at me.”

Ryan Reynolds: “I hope he sees this.”

Adria Arjona: “So, I would ghost you, Ricardo. He also lives in Miami, so he may.”

Ryan Reynolds: “He will, actually. *laughs*”

Adria Arjona: “Yeah, he actually may.”

Ryan Reynolds (as One): “Sounds fun, right?”

You can catch Ryan and the crew on Netflix starting Dec. 13.

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