Ahhh, South Florida — beaches, entertainment and dining options that are absolutely bonkers. We found some of the most outrageous, Instagram-worthy menu items around town. From mouthwatering food, to a drink that’s literally erupting with flavor.

Who cut the cheese? Vista in the Design District!

Giuliano Leverone, chef: “I fell in love with this because it’s so playful, you know? Everyone likes melted cheese, and you can add it to anything.”

Come to Mama.

Raclette, which is a kind of Swiss cheese, comes in this big wheel that Vista heats up before serving.

Giuliano Leverone: “It’s caramelized, so we have it nice and crispy on the top.”

Then it’s ready to be sliced right over your bowl of fries.

Voilà! You’ve got yourself Raclette fries.

Olivia de Montalte, customer: “The fries are already super good, and with the melted cheese on it? It’s amazing.”

Each drink at Miami Beach’s La Moderna points to this hotspot’s Italian roots — but the Vesuvio Negroni is a whole ‘nother beast.

Stefano Righi, manager: “Vesuvio Negroni is a particular cocktail because it’s pre-batched. We age it in the barrel, mix it at the moment, and we smoke it on the spot.”

Wait — smoke?

Stefano Righi: “We smoke it so it can remind you of a volcano.”

Ohhhh, I see!

This is the elevated version of negroni — something we never knew we needed.

Isis Ewers, customer: “It’s nothing like I’ve had before, especially with the smoke and the experience. Nice bitter flavor, it’s sweet.”

Hopefully you’ve saved room for dessert at Komodo in Brickell.

Tamber Weiersheuser, chef: “The Foodgod Baked Alaska Surprise is actually our birthday cake: baked Alaska with a cake batter ice cream, funfetti cake covered in meringue and more sprinkles.”

I’m drooling already.

And yes, there’s a reason why it’s called the Foodgod Baked Alaska Surprise.

Tamber Weiersheuser: “Foodgod is Jonathan Cheban. He’s all over Instagram. We collaborated with the Foodgod to create this outrageous, over-the-top sweet dessert.”

And as you can see, the television personality is besties with the Kardashian clan!

His dessert creation is served on a bed of cotton candy, with marshmallow Fruity Pebbles for good measure.

Then it’s set on fire when served!

Tamber Weiersheuser: “We wanted something fun that people could Instagram.”

Isabelle Harouche, customer: “First you smell it — and that’s a big part of tasting — and then you take a bite, and it’s very flavorful. It was delicious.”

All done!


5020 NE 2nd Ave.
Miami, Florida 33137
(305) 405-7547

La Moderna
1874 Bay Rd.
Miami Beach, FL
(786) 717-7274

801 Brickell Ave.
Miami, FL 33131
(305) 534-2211

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