Terrance Clark

Shirley Clark Brown: “I miss my son. Oh God, I miss my son.”

You have heard it a hundred times because it’s true. No mother should ever have to bury her son.

Shirley Clark Brown: “I’m living from day to day, and it will not go away.”

Shirley’s son Terrance was murdered in Cutler Bay 13 months ago. She lost her boy; Cherea lost her brother.

Cherea Clark: “I just miss him so much because every facet of my life, he was in it. My best friend, my first best friend has been taken away from me.”

It happened on August 3rd, 2012 at a grocery store in Cutler Bay.

Miami-Dade Police Nick Pimentel: “A thin-build black male approached him from behind and attempted to obtain or rob him of his gold necklace. And there’s surveillance video which captures the incident.”

As the video shows, it happened quickly. As we play it again, you can see Terrance standing near the corner of the store wearing a white T-shirt. That’s when the gunman tries to rip a gold chain from his neck. Terrance tries to get away, but within seconds the robber fired several shots. Terrance was rushed to the hospital.

Shirley Clark Brown: “I kept asking them to please let me go in, let me go … (crying) and they kept telling me I can’t go, I can’t go.”

Terrance, the father of 12 children, was dead.

Shirley Clark Brown: “My son had made a change. My son had made a tremendous change. My son was taking care of his kids.”

Mrs. Brown is referring to Terrance’s past, when he had trouble with the law. He had a lengthy arrest record, but that was years ago. Detectives don’t believe his past had anything to do with his murder. It was all about the gold chain he was wearing.

Detective Nick Pimentel: “It probably had a street or pawn value of a few thousand dollars.”

Now, the key is this videotape. It’s hard to tell exactly who the gunman is. However…

Detective Nick Pimentel: “However, we’re hoping somebody in the public will recognize the individual by body structure, mannerisms, and be able to assist us in making an identification.”

It’s what a mother is hoping for.

Shirley Clark Brown: “My son has children that are hurting. My son has family that are hurting.”

Cherea Clark: “People say that pain heals with time, but it hasn’t been enough time to heal that pain that we feel.”

Take a look at the videotape, at the gunman that ended Terrance’s life. You don’t have to be absolutely positive, but if you think that gunman looks familiar, give Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers an anonymous call at at 305-471-TIPS and let detectives check it out. A family would appreciate it.

And if you have lost a loved one, give us a call, to remind people your search for justice will never end. With this Out for Justice, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.

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