Tennis Camp

WSVN — Kids are serving it up at Turnberry Isle in Aventura!

From little tikes to teens, players of all ages are encouraged to hit the court!

Gustavo Oribe: "We have all the levels from the recreational side to the pre-competitive and competitive side."

The 10-week summer program keeps kids active all day long!

Gustavo Oribe: "We try and create a program for them where we touch on every single aspect of their game."

And who better to learn from than one of the world's former top players?

Guillermo Canas was a top ten player for years.

Guillermo Canas: "I played with Federer, I beat him twice, no three times. I played with Nadal."

Canas retired from professional tennis in 2009 and now shares his experience on the court with the kids.

Guillermo Canas: "In the beginning, you can see if they have the potential to be professional."

14-year-old Tomas picked up a racquet at a young age.

Tomas Kuskunov: "I've been playing since I was 7."

His game is improving and his goal is to be number 1 one day. But he says anyone can enjoy the game!

Tomas Kuskunov: "It's an amazing sport, really fun, you get physically fit."

Leo is here from Mexico City. The 16-year-old loves playing tennis.

Leonardo Ortega: "I like the energy it has, I like pretty much everything about it."

He is excited about camp this summer and sees tennis in his future.

Leonardo Ortega: "Get a scholarship in a good college and if I can I will try to go pro."

But whether your child is a potential pro or just likes to hit the ball, this camp is a win-win!

The idea is that they have fun, that's the number one thing, that they feel the connection with the sport."

The tennis program starts in June and runs through August.


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