Tax-free Holiday

WSVN — Kamali Burke doesn’t have any children going back to school, but the 25-year-old fashionista is already picking out what she wants to buy during this year’s tax-free holiday.

Kamali Burke: “I’m at an absolute pause until the tax-free holiday comes around to do any shopping, and then when the holiday comes around I’m going crazy.”

You may not realize it but Florida’s tax-free savings extend beyond back-to-school items.

Josie Legido-Correa: “This year is fantastic because aside from the school supplies, this tax holiday really has something for everyone.”

Sure parents use the tax break to stock up on back-to-school supplies and clothing, but adult clothes and accessories are not taxed either which can mean big savings.

Josie Legido-Correa: “If you’re looking to buy a new purse or a new shirt that you’ve been eyeing, and it’s $75 or less, you can go ahead and get it tax-free that weekend.”

Kamali Burke: “I’ve already started my shopping list. Everything from clothes to handbags so I’m really trying to maximize what I can get.”

But if you really want to save big, computers have been added to the list of tax-free items.

Josie Legido-Correa: “You’ve been looking to buy a new computer or a new tablet this is a great time to do that for anything under $750. Let’s take a computer that costs about $500 that’s a $35 savings on it.”

At Brandsmart USA, they’re lining up the desktops and laptops you can save on.

Owais Qureshi: “You can get a pretty good computer for under $750. At the price of $479, the ASUS is a very good choice. It’s very fast you can save a lot data, a lot of pictures. music and videos.”

Owais Qureshi: “We have a lot of E-readers, we have the Nook, we have the Kindle, we also carry the iPads, which is part of the event as well.”

You can also get a break on expensive accessories.

Owais Qureshi: “The printers, scanners, printer cartridges, the keyboard, we have the mouse, the blank CDs.”

And if you need office or home supplies, scoop up items similar to back-to-school supplies.

Josie Legido-Correa: “The price has to be $15 or less. The pens, the pencils, notebooks.”

A day off from taxes now that’s our kind of holiday!

The tax-free holiday weekend starts Friday Aug. 2 and goes through Sunday the 4th. Many stores will also have additional sales this weekend.

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