WSVN — These Carrier Enterprise employees are losing weight hoping to win big bucks. Pablo Lopez: “I want to lose approximately 40-50 pounds.”

They’ve teamed up to fight the battle of the bulge.

Pablo Lopez: “I was almost tipping the scales at 400 so my long-term goal is 200.”

Competing in a weight loss challenge sponsored by HealthyWage, a company that pays people to shed pounds.

David Roddenberry: “Healthy Wage was formed after academic research showed that cash incentives tripled the effectiveness of weight loss programs.”

Using money as a motivator, HealthyWage offers cash to those who slim down.

David Roddenberry: “You can win up to $10,000 in our programs.”

Participants pay a fee to sign up. Ten they weigh in and begin. The 10 percent challenge pays out $300 to those who lose 10 percent of their body weight in six months. The Carrier Enterprise Team Is doing the matchup challenge.

They’re working together competing with other teams nationwide. To lose the most weight in a three month period. The grand prize is $10,000.

Pablo Lopez: “I think it’s great. It’s an awesome prize at the end, but honestly the biggest prize is the health that we’re going to get out of all of this. That’s priceless.”

Employers benefit too

Robert Faby: “Healthier people. Less sick days. More energy.”

Employees sign up through participating companies but anyone can do it. Alex Pullen signed up at She’s doing the BMI Challenge, which pays $1,000 to those who go from obese to a normal body mass index.

Alex Pullen: “I’m going from unhealthy and getting down to a nice healthy BMI. Just working on that weight and I have a year to do it.”

Alex is eating right and exercising, and so far she’s lost 10 pounds.

Alex Pullen: “Whatever fits your lifestyle is how you can lose the weight and I think that’s a help.”

HealthyWage was founded in 2009. Co-founder David Roddenberry says five years later their formula is working.

David Roddenberry: “We’ve given out over a $1 million and we’ve had over a hundred thousand people start the program.”

It’s a daily diet challenge for a fatter wallet and better health.

Pablo Lopez: “I think it’s a big win for everybody.”

HealthyWage is supported financially by employers, health insurance companies and participant fees.

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