Giving Back

Leah and Lauren are both sixth graders at Donna Klein Jewish Academy.

Leah Bard: “We’ve been best friends since we were 3 years old.”

So one day when their teacher told them about the devastating floods in Colorado, the girls were both moved to take action.

Leah Bard: “He was showing us how a helicopter had to drop into the houses and bring people out and that was really sad.”

They put their heads together and came up with a community service project.

Donna Klein Jewish Academy Asst. Principal Sydney Siegel: “They approached us about doing a collection for the victims of the Colorado floods.”
First, they had to find an organization to partner with. Then they had to rally up support, making posters and encouraging people to donate.

Lauren Greenbaum: “We planned it out every day, we had meetings every day, we called each other on the phone…”
They focused on what the flood victims needed.

Lauren Greenbaum: “Toothbrushes, toothpaste, toiletries, bedding…”

They even created a contest, to see which grade could come up with the most donations. Lauren’s mom was enthused by the girls’ good deed.

Kim Greenbaum: “The excitement that they built throughout the school was phenomenal.”
Not long after, the donations started pouring in.

Leah Bard: “Look, a jacket!”

Every day after school they stayed late to sort through the supplies and label boxes.

Then they had to figure out how to get the supplies to Colorado. Luckily, Leah’s dad who works with a shipping company could help.

Laurence Bard: “I was so happy, because she was doing a good deed I just said whatever it takes.”

After several hours loading up their parents vans with the goods, they knew their hard work was about to pay off.

Leah Bard: “I feel great that we accomplished something so big and so hard to accomplish.”
The girls’ project has had an impact on the entire school.

Sydney Siegel: “Since then, we’ve had other students come forward and ask about being involved in their own kind of projects, so it’s really spreading it forward.”
The most important lesson they’ve taken away from this experience is.

Lauren Greenbaum: “To just be thankful for what we have.”

Lynn Martinez: “The girls say they’re planning their next community service project right now.”