Dynamic Pricing

Does it sometimes feel like just when you really need to buy something online the price goes up? In tonight’s Money Monday, Lynn Martinez has more on negotiating around the tricks of online retailers.

WSVN — Most people will check two or three websites over several days to find the lowest airline tickets, but should you do the same when shopping your favorite online retailer? The answer is yes.

Andrea Woroch: “Now we’re seeing online retailers using analytical tools to figure out peak shopping time of the day, peak shopping time of the week, as well as reviewing your purchase and browsing history.”

Retailers take that information and often use it to increase prices when demand is up.

Andrea Woroch: “Everything from home goods to electronics, even beauty supplies.”

But there are ways to get around those sneaky tricks.

Andrea Woroch: “Clear your cookies. That’s the history, that’s the information that websites send from your computer to a retailer to show what you’re looking at.”

Don’t be afraid to ask for deals.

Andrea Woroch: “Chat with a customer sales rep online and see if they have any available coupons and they often will price match.”

You can also use online sites like Hukkster to track items you’re interested in. They’ll send you a text or email when the item goes on sale.

And here’s a trick for you. Fill up that online shopping cart and then leave the website.

Andrea Woroch: “Some retailers will actually even offer you a coupon code to entice you to go back and make that purchase.”

Remember, online retailers know it’s easy for you to find deals. So use that to your advantage.

Andrea Woroch: “Retailers understand that consumers are driven by bargains and deals these days.”

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