College Savings Tips

Millions of teens will soon be embarking on the next phase of their lives…College. Even if you’ve prepared for the costs, there are some hidden fees you need to be aware of. Lynn Martinez shares some tips that admissions may forget to tell you about.

WSVN — Sofia Vignolo: “I’m excited to just join clubs, be a part of college life and just have fun and learn at the same time.”

Sofia and her fellow seniors at Doral Academy are excited to be heading off to college in the fall but that’s not all that is on their mind.

Melanie Garcia: “How are you going to get that money? Where are you going to have to get it from? It does play a factor and it does become something huge on your mind.”

That’s why Alysha Klein of Young and Free Florida is spending her Saturdays like this. She gave us this video of her lunch and learn sessions for incoming college freshmen about the hidden fees they face.

Rhese incoming undergrads are feeling the financial pressure.

Sofia Vignolo: “It is stressful because you’re always thinking what if it’s not enough.”

Allan Arcia: “Money, I think, is a very important factor. In fact, in my situation, I didn’t get a lot of government help.”

The first place to trim costs…books.

Alysha Klein: “There’s a lot of websites you can rent textbooks. There’s a lot of textbook sharing programs just through using social media.”

There are also other hidden class fees that sneak up on you.

Alysha Klein: “A science class requires a lab course to go with it as well.”

Of course college students need to blow off steam but budgets can still be kept in check.

Alysha Klein: “There are free events for you to attend, so why not attend them.”

When you do head off campus, take your student ID. It is the key to tons of savings.

Alysha Klein: “Your student ID will get you discounts all around campus, off campus, restaurants, clothing stores, movie tickets. You can go see a movie for half price by just having a student ID.”

The most important thing is to start managing your money early and these future undergrads are open for any suggestions.

Allan Arcia: “I definitely think that would be very helpful. There’s nothing like getting outside help and wisdom.”

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