Camera Fun Apps

If you are tired of seeing your same old pictures, then it’s time to change it up. Craig Stevens is here now with today’s Appsolute must-have downloads.

WSVN — Do you ever feel like there isn’t enough of you in this world?

The Clone Camera will have you seeing two, three and even four of you. Take multiple pictures, highlight the subject, press the check mark and the app will merge all versions of you in one picture.

If you like to experiment with your look, Photo Warp can warp, bend and distort any picture however you like. Make yourself buff, skinny, or enhance certain areas of your body. Or just make silly pictures to share with others.

Attention puzzle lovers. With Popjig you can turn any photo into a puzzle. Add the level of difficulty from easy, medium to hard. You can add a message and share it with a friend so they can solve it too.

Craig Stevens, 7News.

All of today’s apps are free to download.