Brow Boost

Ali Mnasri says he’s been teased since he was a child for what he calls his “half brows.”

Ali Mnasri: “It just seems like it stops here.”

The 34-year-old says he’s always been self-conscious about his missing brows and has shied away from pictures.

Ali Mnasri: “Truthfully, I don’t like pictures. With the flash it shows the bone structure, but there are no eyebrows. It was a joke. I used to tell my friends, ‘I’m saving money to buy the rest of my eyebrows.'”

It’s no longer a joke. Doctors can now use the hair from your head to create fuller eyebrows.

Dr. Phillip Craft, The Miami Institute: “For those patients, where they have thinned, you can use the NeoGraft to restore that volume that you’ve lost over time.”

In the past, doctors had to use their hands to remove and transplant the hair, which was very time-consuming. Now they can use the NeoGraft machine, which uses light suction like a vacuum to remove the hair follicles.

Dr. Phillip Craft: “It’s automated; it goes in there and removes each hair with this graft, and then you take that and actually immediately put that right where you want it. We’re going to try to make it as natural as possible.”

Doctors first use a marker to outline the areas of the brow where the new hair will go. Then the machine goes to work removing hair from the side of the head, where the fine hairs are more similar to our eyebrows.

Dr. Phillip Craft: “You’re being very precise. You’re taking very small little hairs, two or three at a time.”

Once they are removed, the hair follicles are separated.

Dr. Phillip Craft: “She’s making sure they’re all single grafts.”

And then, using reverse suction, the hair grafts are placed into the bald or thinning areas of the brows.

Dr. Phillip Craft: “You need to make sure the angle you’re putting in the graft is the same as your native brow. That way the result is very subtle.”

In less than three hours, Ali had fuller eyebrows, and they’ll continue to grow and fill in over the next year. For Ali, it’s the brow boost he needed to boost his confidence.

Ali Mnasri: “It’s definitely given me a lot of confidence already. I’ve already been taking pictures.”

The eyebrow transplant using the NeoGraft is not cheap. It starts at about $2,000. And since it is an art, you will want to research a doctor who has had a lot of experience with this procedure. Alexis Rivera, 7News.




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