Personalized Perfectly Monogram Accessories

Looking great when going to the pool or beach just got even more fun. Deco found a way to look letter-perfect. Time to play the name game with fashion.

Personalized Perfectly is getting personal. You name it, they can personalize it.

Heather Knickerbocker-Silva: “Personalized Perfectly is a website that personalizes all accessories perfectly for you.”

To show off some of the hottest stuff under the sun, Deco grabbed this season’s most perfect looks from the SoFlo-based website and headed to the Marseilles Hotel on South Beach.

Heather Knickerbocker-Silva: “This season we love the monogram bathing suits and towels, as well as the bathing suit, little bags and things you can put all your toiletries in.”

So, what’s in a name? Everything!

Heather Knickerbocker-Silva: “We’ve seen people personalize bathing suits with monograms, letters and also sororities.”

From bandeau bikinis to tankinis, make a splash in a suit made just for you.

Heather Knickerbocker-Silva: “For bathing suits, you can personalize the top, the bottom or both. And they’re all in assorted colors and patterns, going from nautical stripes to paisleys and bright colors, and also our black.”

This is fashion meets function.

Heather Knickerbocker-Silva: “Having a monogram towel is like having your personalized reserved spot by the pool or by the beach.”

Even cover-ups can be customized.

Heather Knickerbocker-Silva: “Our cover-ups are tunic, and they’re very lightweight and airy.”

And being bathing suit ready means … make a run for tailor-made workout wear.

Heather Knickerbocker-Silva: “Our sports bra and matching shorts have the monogram on the back of the sports bra and the front of the shorts, so you can look cute while you’re getting ready.”

Suit up. it’s always bathing suit season in Florida.

Heather Knickerbocker-Silva: “A personalized accessory is important because it’s unique and one-of-a-kind, and it’s something no one else has.”

Who knew getting personal could be so much fun?

Heather Knickerbocker-Silva: “There’s never too many monograms, and if it doesn’t move, monogram it.”

Personalized Perfectly-

Marseilles Hotel
1741 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 538-5711

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