Wind surge as weekend begins

The work week ended with plenty of clouds and increasing winds.   Here’s a look at the Miami skyline from late in the afternoon on Friday.

Friday also brought periods of rain, although nothing significant.  Showers were fairly speedy and most places averaged around one-tenth to one-quarter of an inch.   It was, however, wetter in Homestead with half an inch of rain.

Rain chances are going lower as wind speeds go higher!   It often works the other way around, interestingly.   Even though south Florida is now getting gusty onshore winds, the air is now drier (behind a weak front that passed).   The mostly dry conditions should continue through Sunday, then pick up on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The weather map shows an approaching and strong cold front crossing over Florida on Monday.   Showers are possible ahead of the boundary.  Then, behind it, a blast of colder air will settle in.