Warm Last Week of 2016

South Florida we had a very warm and breezy holiday weekend and the start of the week promises to remain the same. Outside of a brief shower, rain chances will remain low. We have high pressure centered over the middle Atlantic States stretching into the Western Atlantic Ocean along a weak front to the north. This will keep the breeze strong along the coast. Most of the models insist that it should start to relax midweek as another front currently over the central United States approaches North Florida. In the meantime, beach and boating advisories are in place.

Temperatures early to middle part of this week will continue to run above normal with highs in the lower to middle 80’s and lows in the upper 60’s to lower 70’s. As the other front crosses through Thursday into Thursday night, temperatures will cool down  to near normal values. Highs on Friday will be in the low to middle 70’s, as lows will be in the upper 50’s inland to lower 60’s near the coast. However, the cooler/seasonal weather will not last long, 2017 will start off warm and above average, but at least on the dry side.


Have a wonderful day South Florida and make it a safe one!

Vivian Gonzalez

Meteorologist, AMS Certified

WSVN Channel 7