These are not typical weather times for south Florida, heading into mid December. To begin, warmer-than-usual temperatures continue to highlight our weather pattern. Also, we’re looking at what we’ll call the “3 W’s” for the new week. What does that stand for? Warm, windy, and wet. What’s most unusual about that (beyond the unseasonably warm conditions) is that we’re very much in the Dry Season. It won’t seem that way beginning Monday and Tuesday as rain chances ramp up.

Some of you may have seen the weather map recently and noticed that there’s a cold front beginning to sag southward through Florida. It’s expected to slowly drift across the region on Monday morning (crossing the mainland with little fanfare). Even though it’s technically a “cold front” it won’t have cool air support. Temperatures, then, will generally remain the same. By the way, they’re running about 5 degrees above average both at night and during the day. After the boundary settles south (and dissipates Tuesday) we’ll immediately give our attention to a sprawling area of high pressure situated north of Florida. The high is positioned such that our local winds will continue to arrive off the Atlantic. Those ocean winds will feel quite warm and tend to increase due to a pressure difference. Beginning Tuesday, and lasting through Friday, you should expect a gusty breeze. These stronger winds will also lead to marine hazards we often face: rip currents at the beach, boating advisories, and maybe even some beach erosion if winds remain significant.

While “warm and windy” conditions may feel like springtime, add in some rain and you have complete confusion as the Christmas holiday draws closer! Times of rain could slow you down, especially from Tuesday through Thursday. Watch for a few heavy bursts of rain (too) which may be part of the unsettled pattern during the middle of the week. While it may not seem very “Christmas-like” to you, keep in mind that a lot of people in frigid locations would gladly make a trade, even with the damp conditions!

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