Quiet start to the week

Most of this week’s weather changes are still a couple days away.  For now, we remain quiet with a breezy and mild start to the work week.   A weak front is dissipating across central Florida (where there’s more cloud cover) but the boundary is basically starved for moisture.   High pressure will continue expanding into south Florida on Monday.   The high is actually far away, centered over the northeastern states, so for us it will mean strengthening winds off the ocean.   We’ll carry a small chance for a shower pushing along the breeze from Monday afternoon through Tuesday.    Then, into the middle of the week, moisture will increase and additional showers look likely.   You may also notice a bump in humidity levels on both Wednesday and Thursday.   That’s mainly due to a veer in winds, turning more out of the south.   If you’re tired of these “warmer than average” temperatures, there are signs of that changing in a few days.   Cooler conditions should prevail…pushing southward (following a late week front).    The long range forecast shows much cooler air spreading into our region before the weekend.   Nighttime lows could dip into the 50’s and daytime readings may drop 10 to 15 degrees from where they’ve been!