Mild in May

Beautifully mild weather is back.   The change began after the passage of a front, late on Friday.   The difference is now being felt with milder temperatures along with clear and dry air.   It’s terrific timing since it’s here and holding throughout the weekend.   It’s probably fair to say that conditions are ideal for almost anything outdoors (including no rain threat)!   At the heart of our weather pattern is a large area of high pressure.   The high is centered over the Gulf of Mexico.   For now,  it’s especially nice into Florida because we’re getting our air from the northwest.   Since it’s a clockwise flow around the high, we’ll stay “on the comfortable side” until an eventual wind turn by Tuesday and Wednesday.   The turn, by the way, is likely to be the future set up for a sudden warming trend.   As high pressure breaks down, temperatures will start surging… due to a southerly air making a comeback.   Sizzling highs near 90 degrees will probably have us focusing on fans and air conditioners, especially during the second half of the week.   Miami has reached the 90 degree mark once already this year (early in April) but Ft. Lauderdale and many other spots haven’t been that hot since last fall!   Even as we heat up, there’s only a minimal chance for rain in the foreseeable future.   We’ll likely see a string of days with strong sunshine along with plenty of dry weather.