Growing hotter

Hot weather is building back.   Of course, we had a little break over the past weekend and earlier this week.    Now, the heat is expanding and that will be the trend for the rest of the week (and beyond).    High pressure is in control of our weather as it bridges from the Gulf of Mexico, across Florida, then into the western Atlantic.   The high will remain in charge, even as it weakens a bit and starts to drift southward.   We’ll continue with dry air for a little longer, light winds and mainly clear skies.   Then, as the upcoming weekend unfolds, expect a few more clouds.   Moisture will increase slightly and we’ll possibly encounter a few showers over the region.   The general reason is simply that a weak front settles southward through Florida.   The boundary shouldn’t have much of a punch by the time it reaches Lake Okeechobee.    At that point (during the weekend) the front will either fizzle out completely or stubbornly hang together while stalling out.   The difference in scenarios will probably range from dry weather for Mother’s Day (if the boundary dissipates) or possibly a few showers if it holds.   Stay tuned.