Our weather just doesn’t get much better than this, when it comes to south Florida in late May!   Usually, we’re getting a jump start on the summer season with plenty of heat and humidity.  Instead of stepping out into the steamy outdoors, it actually feels pleasant (for the time being).   The breeze off of the ocean is playing a role.   Also, there’s a large area of high pressure that continues to build into Florida from the north.   That often results in dry and stable air, as we experienced over the weekend.   Looking ahead, the pattern isn’t about to budge through the first half of the week.  Expect mild nights and pleasantly warm days without the concern of downpours or storms popping up.

The calm weather conditions should also bode well for the best sky-watching event of the year.   It’s a total lunar eclipse and a so-called “Super Moon” in the same night!   From late Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning you can watch as the Earth, moon and sun align perfectly to create the eclipse.   The moon will be 100% full and appear bigger and brighter than usual, too, while at its closest point to earth.

Finally, this time of year we often begin paying special attention to the tropics.   Over this past weekend, the National Hurricane Center classified the first named storm of the year (in the Atlantic).   For a brief time “Ana” was a tropical storm, on Sunday.   Then, it soon weakened over open waters of the northwestern Atlantic Ocean.  As of Monday morning, the system is no longer being tracked and is simply a remnant area of low pressure.   Of course, it’s a good reminder that the official start of the season is just days away, on June 1st.   Recently, NOAA forecasters announced their prediction for the season, and expectations are for an active year.   While we’ll likely have more storms and hurricanes compared to average years, the upcoming season isn’t slated to be as wildly active as 2020 (which was a record-breaking year for the tropics).

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