Classic summer

South Florida summers mean hot sunshine with brief showers occasionally crossing the area.   That mix of “sun and showers” is how we’ll start off the work week.   Overall, rain will tend to drift deeper inland due to a stronger sea breeze from the Atlantic.   For the time being, Florida is in between two areas of high pressure.   One is the dominant Bermuda high (in the distant Atlantic) while the other is a weak high over the eastern Gulf.   This is keeping us with an onshore pattern.   In addition to a few showers passing along, there’s plenty of hot air and humidity we’re tapping into.    As the week continues, there’s only one thing that could change and it involves tropical moisture.  Extra moisture is generally heading our way and may increase the coverage of rain and thunderstorms by Thursday.   That deep moisture isn’t guaranteed to hold (it could break up) but the thinking is that it will probably maintain itself.   Should it do so, it will act as fuel for stormy weather and will shift toward the Bahamas and south Florida later this week.