Attention to distant depression Ten

Our quiet start to the week continues.   Most places remained free of rain (again) on Tuesday with lower humidity intact.

Interestingly, even with the decreased humidity, the heat was able to surge.   Both Miami and Ft. Lauderdale had a high temperature of 93-degrees.   In Broward County, it was enough to match the record high for the date!

Florida looks fine on the satellite and radar screen.   Only a few dotted showers can be seen, mainly well offshore.

The weather map shows something “rare” into Thursday.    A weakening cold front will shift into south Florida (and these cold fronts usually don’t drop this far south, this time of the year!)    The boundary may simply trigger a few rain showers.   As for temperatures, they may come down slightly, about 3 – 5 degrees in the latest forecast.    A strong breeze will also make it feel less-hot than recent times.

Here’s a view of the Tropics which shows plenty of activity.    The National Hurricane Center has classified 2 named systems:  Imelda (which has already reached the Texas coastline) and Humberto (over the open Atlantic).    There’s also a tropical depression, noted as “Ten” and it stands to be the next storm.   That could happen as early as Wednesday and its name will be Jerry.

Tropical Depression Ten (“future Jerry”) is the one that we need to watch closely as we head into the weekend.    It is forecast to become a hurricane while moving north of the islands.