Active afternoons

Summer storms have been targeting southeast Florida lately.   We’ve been dealing with downpours mainly during the afternoon and evening (following a generally quiet morning).   The timing of the activity makes complete sense.   As the heating of the day grows with rising air, there’s growing instability.   Then, the added effects of tropical moisture with the sea breeze is making for plenty of  wet weather.   On both Monday and Tuesday afternoon, street flood advisories were necessary.    Monday’s downpours focused a bit more on Broward County, compared to the stronger focus of storms in Miami-Dade on Tuesday.   You’ve likely noticed that recent rain and storms have also taken more time to clear the area.   The reason is due to extremely light winds (except those generated by thunderstorms).   As a result, showers tend to “sit” over spots before moving along.   More stormy weather days are likely heading into the middle of the week.   Plan on most of the activity still flaring up during the peak heating times.   Again, areas of rain will form and only drift along.   There is a slight difference in our weather ahead, by the end of the week.   As high pressure re-exerts itself  over the western Atlantic, the air flow will veer less out of the south and more from the east.   As an onshore flow gets established, we’ll see the steering of storms toward interior and western locations of Florida.   Coastal and metro areas may still tangle with rain, but probably not as significant.  In the tropics, “Don” is moving into the eastern Caribbean Sea.   It’s a low end tropical storm crossing the Windward islands late Tuesday.   On Wednesday, the system is expected to weaken and may get downgraded to a depression or even just a tropical wave.   Stay tuned.