Holding pattern

Weak high pressure is hovering nearby.   It’s not strong enough to prevent rain showers from forming in south Florida.   Also, some colliding sea breezes will spark localized thunderstorms but especially close to the Gulf coast.    Since rainy weather will be more sparse over the next couple of days, it will feel hotter.   The strongest sunshine (at least during the afternoon hours) will expand across the southeast coast.   Temperatures will easily rise into the lower 90’s.   Also, wind speeds will stay light so we can’t count on a helpful breeze cutting into the heat.   Remember the deep tropical moisture that was sitting over us all of last week?   For now, it has been shunted southward.   This general trend won’t last the entire week, though.   Forecast maps continue to show the return of significant moisture by Friday.   It will likely get pulled northward from the Caribbean Sea and southern Gulf, spreading into much of Florida.   Outdoor plans will get dicey as we approach Father’s Day weekend.  With plenty of humidity blanketing the region, it won’t take much to set off rounds of rain with storms.   While tricky to time out, the basic thinking should be “steamy sunshine” early in the day with developing thunderstorms into the afternoon and evening.   If heavy downpours persist, some street flooding could be an issue.  867