WSVN — Keeping up with your favorite things is easy these days. That's 'cause "Springpad" helps you keep track of what you like and adds a little something extra. Save a restaurant and Springpad adds reviews and a map. Movie saves come with trailers and nearby theaters. And if you like books Springpad will show you where to buy and when there's a sale easy to save and shareWe all like to get opinions before making decisions "Thumb" can help with that by giving you a thumbs up or down about whatever. Is this movie worth seeing? Do you like these shades? Take a pic and post and thumb-ers over the country will chime in and tell you what they think. It's like having a gang of friends with you wherever you go. And finally, everything you ever wanted to know about where you are. "Wikihood" uses the GPS to find your location and tell you everything about it. From history to fun things to do and see.Wikihood is organized by Wikipedia and gives you access to all the neighborhood info anywhere in the world. And that's apps-olutely amazing. The best part is all of this week's downloads are free.FOR MORE INFORMATION:Springpad

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