Jamaicans brace flooding during severe storm

KINGSTON, Jamaica (WSVN) — Severe weather has been swamping the streets in Jamaica and putting residents in danger as they fight through the flood.

Rain, as of Tuesday, continues to pour down on Jamaica. The storms all began over the island nation on Friday and it has only recently started to let up.

The Jamaica Observer, a Kingston newspaper, released video of the flooding. High water could be spotted in nearly all of Jamaica’s 14 parishes.

Many cars are stalled out, leaving drivers to be forced to walk under their umbrellas.

“The water was pushing cars down here and all of that,” said resident Hopeton Thomas. “Oh my God. Look there.”

Though the gators loved the onslaught of rain, the situation for many residents is more serious.

About $175 million has been allocated by officials as part of their national emergency systems to combat the flooding.

Most of the roads now look like rivers, but Jamaicans finally were able to receive some good news. The worst of the weather system has passed and the rain will slowly come to a halt over the next few days.

Tens of thousands of people are without power Tuesday night due to the floods. As of 10 p.m., there are no reports of any major injuries or deaths.

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