Georgia woman takes pregnancy photos during eclipse

(WSVN) - A Georgia woman has her mother-in-law to thank for her amazing pregnancy photos taken during Monday’s solar eclipse.

Nichole Carver is 33-weeks pregnant with her baby boy, and wanted to have a unique set of photos to mark the occasion.

“This is our last planned pregnancy as we have experienced the joys of birthing two healthy children and the sadness of loss after delivering my second child, a little girl named Emma, stillborn back in 2014,” Carver told Fox 5. “Our little boy is nothing short of a miracle to us and what better way to celebrate him than capturing this once in a life moment in time.”

Carver’s mother-in-law, Lisa Cruikshank, works with Still Pearl Photography, and snapped the magnificent pictures Monday afternoon.

“We had 99.1 percent totality,” Carver said. “I pitched the idea to her and she ran with it and the photo is out of this world amazing!”

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