Getting a taste of greece doesn't mean you have to go far.

BRIAN CANTRELL: "Executive chef

Shireen: "How would you describe the food here?"

BRIAN CANTRELL: "I'd say Greek with a passion for the sea."

Thasos stands bright, new & beautiful in Fort Lauderdale. It's named after the real island.

Sophia Mylona: "On the northern med sea, the ag ea."

It's known for:

Sphia Mylona: "It's wine, honey and the white thasos marble"

This pristine place defintely replicates taking pride in the freshness of its food & ingredients.

BRIAN CANTRELL: "We bring in our own dryed oregnao we literally bring it from the island of Thasos in Greece."

The olive oil, too.

BRIAN CANTRELL: "A lot of things we use here, you can't actually, replicate unless you were to go to greece and bring it back yourself."

The secret's in the recipe. Translation, the oak gril.

BRIAN CANTRELL: "Make sure your grill is nice and hot and that you have lots of wood on it. we use oak, not very much charcoal."

The whole grilled snapper is a specialty and melts right off the bone. My favorite: The lamb chops, marinated for 24 hours.

BRIAN CANTRELL: "In olive oil, garlic..rosemary, thyme, gotta buy fresh lamb, never frozen. Keep it simple, real simple"

Simple and sensational, like the octopus. I'm not afraid.

BRIAN CANTRELL: "We steam it for an hour and a half ahead of time, and we chill it, before we grill it."

To get it down, why not Greece (get it "greece") Up your throat:

Sophia: "All of our cocktails were specifically created for us."

Shireen: "So they are one of a kind."

Sophia: "They are defintely one of a kind. it takes a lot of time because we only use fresh ingredients and put fresh herbs into them."

I loved the pink drink.

Sophia: "It's carpoza – we use fresh watermelon, it's ouzo, kettle one vodka and a hint of lemon and rosemary."

At Thaso, one dish probably won't do. "Getting to the Greek" has never been so delicious.

And that my friends is fabulous! Can i get this to go?



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