New temperature-checking device being deployed to front lines of pandemic

(WSVN) - Many people are worried about going out in the middle of the pandemic, whether it’s to head to work or go shopping.

But now, there’s new technology that’s designed to give peace of mind by keeping those who are sick out of offices and stores.

Getting your temperature checked before entering a business is the new normal, but now, instead of people coming face-to-face using handheld thermometers, there’s a new way to find out if someone is sick.

It’s called the iDISPLAY thermometer, and it was created by a company named Outform.

Chris Brandewie, Outform: “It uses thermal body scanners to scan the body temperature and that includes even if you’re wearing a mask, so even if you have a mask or some obstruction of your face this will still actually be able to scan the body temperature and then it will give an approved sign or a decline sign.”

The machine tells you where to stand. It takes your temperature, and if it detects a fever, an alarm goes off.

The device can also be synched to automatic doors, keeping them closed to the person trying to enter if they have a temperature.

Eddie Gonzalez, CEO of i-payout: “That’s a good thing for the employees.”

I-payout is a software company in Fort Lauderdale. Gonzalez said his company started using the iDISPLAY thermometer last month.

Eddie Gonzalez: “First thing in the morning when they come out. We have signs all over. They’ll sign in, take the temperature on the block. If, for some reason, the temperature is elevated, there’s an exit right there that we would exit them out of the building.”

Employees say the no-touch unit creates a safer work environment.

Natalia Yenatska, i-payout employee: “We come up, we scan, you are sure that the temperature is good. It makes me feel better about coming into work and that makes me feel better because I know my family is safe.”

It’s also being used in retail businesses.

Elisa Massa, store owner: “I decide for the security of the staff, me and the customers.”

Massa is the owner of Botanica San Lazarus in Pompano Beach.

Elisa Massa: “When people walk in, I tell the customer, ‘Come and get the temperature. Let me see if you’re OK.'”

Hospitals are also looking into using the units. At Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, the iDISPLAY is currently being tested.

Chris Brandewie, iDISPLAY thermometer: “Basically someone walks up to it, they have a fever, it gets notified to the front desk and you can actually isolate that person coming into the hospital.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 40% of the virus’s transmission occurs before someone has symptoms like fever.

The many people who have COVID-19 without showing any symptoms can still spread it. But new technology like iDISPLAY does give people peace of mind and adds one more tool in the fight against the virus.

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