Everybody wants to look slim and trim. Did you know a few tricks with the clothes you already own can make you look up to 10 pounds thinner? 7's Lynn Martinez has ways to slim down without the sweat in The List.

South Florida style guru Elysze Held makes celebrities look good every day. She says the first tip to looking slimmer is to buy the right clothes to start with.

Elysze Held: "The secret to dressing great is to choose clothes that look like they were made for you."

Wrap dresses are great for curvy women, a sheath dress covers well if you are tall, and if you have a full figure, define your waist with a wide belt. And once you have the right design, make sure that it fits you.

Elysze Held: "You need to have clothes that are tailored to your body. Nothing should be puckering, nothing should be baggy. Everything is fit perfect to your body."

Clothes that are too tight or too loose actually make you look bigger.

Elysze Held: "The third trick is proportion. A looser top over a tighter skirt. Fashion is really architecture, so everything needs to be balanced; it works in proportion."

If you are wearing short shorts, try a long top, or a tight shirt with loose pants. Elysze says it's all about making a silhouette.

Tip number 4: Show off your best assets. Legs and shoulders are the last parts of your body to show age and weight gain. A dress up to the knee can be flattering by giving the illusion of a slimmer look.
# 5: COLOR
We all know dark solid colors make us look slimmer, but Elysze says, don't be afraid of colors.

Elysze Held: "In South Florida, women love lighter colors. White on white on white is still a fabulous look."

Just keep it one color from head to toe.

Elysze Held: "Shoes and accessories are a huge part of adding strength to your silhouette. With a longer necklace, it balances out the whole proportion. And again, add a platform heel. The further you are from the floor, the longer and leaner you will look."

And finally, when it comes to basics, a girl's best friend are not diamonds, believe it or not. It's shapewear! Having the proper foundation can make a huge difference and make your clothes fit great.

Lynn Martinez, 7News.

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