Mr. Chow/Bancroft Supper

WSVN — Get ready to chow down.

Kimberly White: "We've been waiting for Mr. Chow to arrive in South Beach for a while now."

The wait is over, the new place to see and be seen is at the famed Mr. Chow's restaurant, now open in the W Hotel on South Beach.

Eva Chow, Mr. Chow, Owner: "We're very excited to be in Miami. We've been waiting like 10 years to get here."

The restaurant is beautiful, adorned with huge vases of sweet smelling flowers and high ceilings lit up with a Swarovski crystal chandelier.

Jonathan Margel: "It's unbelievable. I'd even say a touch better than Los Angeles and New York, which have both been incredible."

If you've been to the New York, LA or London locations, you know the Chow experience brings celebrity sightings and good people watching.

The difference here in Miami is the menu. You'll find all the Chow classics, but with some added spice!

Eva Chow: "Beijing cuisine, generally speaking is very mild. Right now in China there is a revolution going on, and we certainly are taking advantage of what's happening in China."

Like their spicy beef casserole, salt and pepper lobster and fresh clams with rice cake in spinach sauce, and it's worth a seat at the bar or table for the chef's nightly noodle show, full of tossing and twisting.

Alexandra Moreno: "The people, the ambiance is good, feels like it's going to be the happening place."

Another new happening place on the South Beach scene is Bancroft Supper Club.

Tim Andriola, Executive Chef: "A Supper Club is really an all-in-one meeting place. It combines an intense excellent restaurant with a nightlife that's unsurpassed in Miami."

Local chef Tim Andriola is on hand serving up an organic menu, like crispy stuffed squash blossom and jumbo prawns with coconut.

Tim Andriola: "Another one of the favorites is the baratta. We flash broil baratta cheese, so it's nice and melty, and then we use wild cherry tomatoes and serve it with toast points."

Meredith Willenbrink: "OMG, the food here is absolutely fabulous. This is my second time here just eating and partying."

A DJ starts spinning around 10 p.m., and about midnight it turns into a nightclub.

Diner: "You come to dinner, and then you can stay and have fun. It's not like you have to go somewhere else."

Supper has never been so fun. The last dinner reservation at Bancroft is midnight, and that's usually when the entertainment gets started.


Mr. Chow2201 Collins Ave.Miami Beach, FL 33139(305) 695-1695

Bancroft Supper Club1501 Collins Ave.Miami Beach, FL 33139(305) 630-8540