DAVIE, FLA. (WSVN) - Officials are investigating after videos taken inside three Florida prisons apparently showed inmates possessing weapons, using drugs, fighting and more.

The videos were posted to YouTube by former inmate Kenneth Harris. Harris was convicted of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and said he took the videos while serving his sentence in three different Florida state prisons.

In one video, Harris could be heard saying, “You’re missing one thing, though. Where’s the machete at?”

Another inmate responds by pulling a machete out of his pants.

“They got stuff like that in all types of prisons,” said Harris to 7News. “It is everyday life. That is how it is.”

Harris recorded fights and even recorded an inmate who said he was popping prescription pain pills.

“What’s up, man? Stop playing with these [expletive]. Pop these perks,” said Harris on camera.

“Perk 10, man, wash away the pain. You hear me,” said an inmate.

Harris also took photos of himself holding a large knife and trying to stab at birds.

Weapons, fighting and drug use are all against prison rules. It’s also a violation for an inmate to have a cell phone or camera.

When asked how he managed to keep a cell phone in prison, Harris said it was a long story. “I don’t feel like putting that out there,” he said.

But the state is now determined to find out. The Florida Department of Corrections released a statement saying, “The actions of this former inmate are not only unlawful but completely unacceptable and not tolerated within our institutions.”

“I already did my time. There really should be nothing I should be worried about,” said Harris. “I did a five-year sentence, so what should I really be worried about?”

The state said they have initiated an investigation into the videos and are working to identify the inmates involved.

While in prison, the Department of Corrections said Harris was disciplined for bringing in contraband, which included a cell phone and weapon.

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