AVENTURA, FLA. (WSVN) - - A rare rescue of a lamb was made in Aventura by an afternoon jogger who happened to see a group of people trying to help the baby animal and now the lamb will be provided a new home by the jogger’s friend.

“I turned back around to find out it wasn’t a dog, it was a lamb and they had it on the ground and they were trying to give it water,” said Trisha Widowfield.

Widowfield, a lawyer by trade who specializes in medical malpractice, said her training instinct took over as she approached the baby sheep.

“I see a lot of babies without mom so, you know, this kinda tore at me that this baby sheep was there without its mom and so we needed to take care of it,” said Widowfield.

Seeing the lamb in distress, Widowfield said they restrained the lamb to try to keep it from going away. She then rescued the lamb from the busy South Florida roadways and called her vet, who connected her to the Veterinary Emergency Group in Fort Lauderdale.

The team at the Veterinary Emergency Group said the animal looks well-cared for and behaves well.

“My best guess, I mean this guy was probably at a petting zoo. They had a party in Aventura, Sunny Isles, and they may have forgotten, he may have jumped off of the truck,” said Veterinary Emergency Group’s Dr. Enio Sanmarti. “Anything that can fit through the door, we will treat, but we need to find him a real home.”

The staff said the baby lamb can, at times, be moody.

“He’s in a bad mood and you can see him, like he’s definitely pissed off for being in the cage,” said Sanmarti. “As soon as we open the cage, he does a little buckling and he just wants to jump out.”

Everyone involved in this baby lamb’s rescue hopes for a storybook ending.

“I don’t think that it had an owner but I’m hoping it does now,” said Widowfield.

The storybook ending could happen as Perry Burk and his 9-year-old son, Harlan, are ready to provide a lost lamb a forever home.

“My family has a small farm in Southwest Ranches, horses, cows, goats, chicken have come through rescue and fostering,” said Burk.

Burk said the baby sheep won’t be moody any longer as he’ll get to play with lots of other animals.

“All the animals on our farm are pets. He’ll have lots of friends to play with,” said Burk.

Burk’s little son said he recently lost his pet fish but feels better that he has a new animal.

“I get to brag to all my friends that I’m on the news,” said Burk.

The child said he suspects he and his sister will battle a little bit for the lamb’s affection but everything should be OK.

“When I heard there was a lamb running around Aventura, only one thing came to mind. This lamb is one of the luckiest animals alive today,” said Burk.

Burk said he usually lets his kids name the pets so his son wants to call the baby sheep ‘Berry’. Little did the new owners know that the baby lamb was found in the area of the Turnberry Resort in Aventura.

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