Florida woman makes unique sign to get power back after Irma

(WSVN) - A southwest Florida woman decided to try an unconventional method to get her power restored after Hurricane Irma.

Fox 29 reports that Kynse Agles got creative with spray paint and plywood to create a sign to put outside her home.

She posed for a photo with the end result, which read, “Hot single female seeks sexy lineman to electrify her life.”

“I thought that all of my neighbors would get a huge kick out of it,” Agles said.

Agles posted the photo to Facebook with the caption, “Maybe this will work!”

Just days before placing the sign outside her Fort Myers home, Agles says she underwent a kidney transplant. Since then, she’s had to stay with friends and relatives who have electricity since she needs to be in air conditioning to avoid complications after surgery.

“I saw a post on Facebook, and I thought it was really funny, and I can do it better,” she said. “I just thought maybe if a lineman got to my neighborhood they’ll laugh and hook me up first.”

Agles says the sign appears to have worked. After workers restored her power, she said they took a picture behind the sign and left a note.

Now she says she’s willing to lend her sign to those who are still left in the dark.

“My neighbor across the street doesn’t have power yet, I told him he can borrow my sign later,” she said.

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