Healing Spirit?

WSVN — Some people call him a medical marvel, claiming he's helped them beat cancer, arthritis and depression. How does he do it? Patrick Fraser met with them and has his special report entitled "Healing Spirit?"

Let me be blunt. Some people will listen to Alan Pratt and say he is full of baloney.

Alan Pratt: "I channel spirit. Voices speak through me, and it is not my own voice. In the hands, spirit moves my body, like this, this is spirit moving my body."

Alan says he is a healer, using energy and spirits to help cure people of their problems, like the man, Alan says, who had throat and tongue cancer.

Alan Pratt: "And seven weeks later, the goiter of throat and tongue cancer shrank and shrank and shrank and disappeared. A lot of secretions came out of it and his doctors declared him 100 percent cancer free."

Then Alan told us about the South Florida woman with arthritis so bad she could barely move.

Alan Pratt: "Who was lying on the floor to eat her dinner because she could not sit in a chair, and she could not walk around for more than five minutes. Three weeks later, she was walking fine and could sit at the table to eat her meals."

I wanted to see those people, to talk to them. And then I did.

Jack Miller: "He's really dedicated his life to being a healer, and he helped me tremendously."

Jack Miller was the man with cancer six years ago when he met Alan.

Jack Miller: "One of the things that I remember vividly is that, on the table, I literally kind of floated to the center of the room. That was the energetic feeling I had, and I could feel energy flowing in from all parts of my body."

Simone Marchand was the woman with horrible arthritis for 15 years, until she met with Alan.

Simone Marchand: "After the first session, I feel more better. Because I have a lot of pain, arthritis in my knee, in my lower back, 15 years.

Patrick Fraser: "Is this the best that you've felt in 15 years?"  

Simone Marchand: "Yes."

Suzanne Caudell has done sessions with Alan to cure her health problems.

Suzanne Caudell: "I could feel the energetic pull of his vibrational field against mine, almost like a tornado, right? I get goose bumps talking about it because it's like, this is so profound."

As Alan goes through a session, people have told him they see light.

Alan Pratt: "I did an event at Alex Grey's estate in New York on a solstice, a summer solstice last year, and people said they could see laser beams of green light coming out of my hands and going through the crowd and into the trees."

Alan doesn't see those lights when he does a session.

Alan Pratt: "Nor do I hear the voices that some people hear. Some people see other beings who are in the room who I don't see."

Alan lives in South Florida, quite humbly. What he does here sounds amazing. However, each person he helps points out he cannot help someone unless they believe.

Suzanne Caudell: "If you don't believe, it won't happen."

Meaning the person Alan is working with has to open up, cooperate, so he can amplify their energy.

Jack Miller: "He helped increase my vibrational frequency to the point my body could start to heal itself."

Alan showed Suzanne how to open her body to heal herself.

Suzanne Caudell: "On all three healings that I did with Alan, I went into convulsions, but I could feel the energy and it coming through, and it's so powerful. It's unbelievable, and that's the power of healing."

How is Alan able to do what these people say he does? How is he able to help Jack beat cancer, Simone walk easily? The man who people believe has the power to heal, has no idea.

Alan Pratt: "So, it's still a mystery. It's a mystery for them, it's a mystery for me."

Will it work for you? Alan's response: It can't hurt to try.

Alan Pratt: "Go to a healing circle, a sound healing ceremony. They're happening at most yoga studios across the nation now."

Now that our story is done, some people may still be snickering. Others may believe Alan Pratt has the healing spirit. I'm Patrick Fraser, 7News.

Alan charges $100 for a 90-minute session, but says if you can't afford that, he never turns anybody away. To contact him, go to www.alanpratt.net.