WSVN — Many believe that good things happen to good people. If that's the case, then great things should have happened to Dave Montney.

Stephen Lyons, Dave's Friend: "I mean, he would give you the shirt off his back, even though he didn't have much."

When Dave wasn't at his paying job, his passion was volunteering, whether it was at his church or helping at a kitchen to feed the homeless.

Pastor Fawn Mikel, Christ Church: "So he would come and carry out 10, 12 pallets of food out to our truck, load it all up and drive it down to Hope Central, then help serve that food."

Dave was very dependable, and when he didn't show up one day to help feed the homeless, his friends went to his house.

Detective Efrain Torres, Broward Sheriff's Office: "And then, they all made entry into the residence, and that's when they found him deceased."

Police don't want to reveal exactly how Dave died, except to say it was a violent murder.

Pastor Fawn Mikel: "It was one of those things that really shook our entire congregation."

Patrick Fraser: "Dave Montney was last seen at his house by a neighbor on Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2010. Then, just after dark, Dave's car was seen driving away. Probably by this man, who was caught on a surveillance camera at a Walgreens in Deerfield Beach trying to use Dave's ATM card."

Detective Efrain Torres: "We believe he's probably in his late 20s, early 30s, 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 9 inches, probably 175 pounds. Black male, he had a goatee. He was also wearing a Detroit Tigers hat."

By then, of course, Dave had been murdered.

Pastor Fawn Mikel: "We could not understand how someone who was so good that we'd always see and so gentle could possibly reach such a horrific ending of their life."

As Dave's friends struggled to find a reason he was murdered, the Broward Sheriff's Department tried to find the murderer.

Detective Efrain Torres: "The fact that somebody targeted him at his residence and we don't know why, that's critical for us. He lived there for many years, never had any problems, never had any issues with any of the neighbors."

Detectives want to find his killer. Some of Dave's friends struggle to find a way to forgive the killer.

Stephen Lyons: "I'll try to forgive, too, but it will be hard. It will be very hard. I will definitely be in the courtroom and listening to everything. I want to know why. Why would anybody do this to Dave?"

But for Stephen to get to a courtroom, a killer will have to be caught, and Detective Torres knows how it can be done.

Detective Efrain Torres: "We really need the public's help to identify the person in the video. That's the key to our investigation. I think once we get an identification, that will lead us to an arrest, hopefully in the near future."

Hopefully, the tape will help catch a killer and provide justice for Dave's friends.

Pastor Fawn Mikel: "I would love for justice to happen, but not out of a sense of revenge, but really out of a sense of the person who committed the crime to be able to also receive God's grace and forgiveness and healing."

Patrick Fraser: "If you know the man seen in this surveillance tape wearing a Detroit Tigers cap, make a phone call. Dave Montney spent his spare time helping others. Hopefully, you can spare a minute. Make an anonymous phone call to Broward Crime Stoppers and tell detectives who this man is."

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