WSVN — It seems like no matter how much you diet and exercise, stubborn belly fat just won’t go away. New technology that’s about to be unveiled here in South Florida is promising to melt away that fat for good. 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us how this Bulge Buster works.

Like most busy working moms, Angela de Cespedes says a lot of her workouts look like this:

Angela de Cespedes: "Running around after the kids."

Since having children, she has been trying to tighten and tone her tummy.

Angela de Cespedes: "Personal trainers, dieting…"

But getting that pre-pregnancy belly back isn’t so easy.

Dr. Kevin Coy: "You could do 1,000 sit-ups every week for the next two years, and you still have it."

Dr. Kevin Coy says the biggest complaint he hears from patients is about their stomachs.

Dr. Kevin Coy: "Many refer to it affectionately as the pooch. The muffin top."

Until now, surgical liposuction was the only option.

Dr. Kevin Coy: "Anesthesia, which has risks…"

Now, brand new technology promises to blast that bulge away without surgery. It’s called the SculpSure laser.

Dr. Kevin Coy: "This technology has really revolutionized how we get rid of fat cells."

Dr. Coy says FDA-approved SculpSure uses heat to dissolve fat cells.

Dr. Kevin Coy: "When cells are heated to a certain temperature, their membranes rupture, and the fat particles inside the cells is absorbed by our lymphatic system, which can be excreted in our urine."

A session takes 25 minutes and most people see results in six to 12 weeks, and Dr. Coy says, the best part is the fat is gone for good.

Stacey Wilson is getting the procedure for her wedding day.

Stacey Wilson: "Honestly, nobody wants to wear Spanx under their wedding dress."

She wasn’t looking for anything drastic.

Stacey Wilson: "Just to make you feel that little bit more perfect."

Angela had her belly treated just four weeks ago.

Angela de Cespedes: "The actual shape of my body had changed. I noticed it in the way that my dresses are fitting, my skirts are fitting."
She says SculpSure was quick, painless, and she can’t wait for the final results.

Angela de Cespedes: "It’s about time, quite frankly, that something like this is available."

Dr. Coy says patients should follow the treatment with a lymphatic massage and drink tons of water to flush out the fat cells.

SculpSure costs between $1,200 and $1,800 a session.


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