Summer Romance

Falling head over heels for Kendra Scott’s 2018 Summer Collection, because who doesn’t want to wear eye-popping statement jewelry, drenched in vibrant colors, that leaves a lasting impression? That’s not all: if you smell it, they will come or something like that…introducing Kendra’s newest conquest: “The Candle Collection”.

I remember my first “Summer Romance” as if it were yesterday. It blossomed in a sleepy seaside town in North Carolina. The smell of the salty air, the feel of the sunburn on my fair skin and the taste of my boyfriends soft lips — it was all heavenly. We were both fourteen at the time and hopelessly in love.

That summer was one of the most special times of my life; wrapped in the warmth of a group of young friends, whose parents had bravely invited a dozen of us on an extended trip filled with endless days of laughter on the beach and lazy nights with planned putt-putt outings and picnic food to feed us. Once the house fell silent with sleep, my boyfriend and I would sneak outside and rendezvous on one the house’s large balconies.

We held hands under the stars, gazed into one another’s eyes and let the gentle breeze of the ocean do the talking. When we felt comfortable enough, we kissed and kissed some more. It was innocent, pure and nothing about the weight of life had complicated it yet.

Looking back, not only do I remember the bright blue color of my boyfriend’s eyes, but I recall the deep aqua-greens of the ocean, the vibrant textures of a summer well-lived and the smells of the sea, salt and sand. Even at a young age, it made me feel incredibly alive and present.

And now, thanks to Kendra Scott’s 2018 Summer Jewelry Collection, those moments seem to be more than just a distant memory. The designer, whom I’ve always adored, has somehow managed to capture the essence of my “Summer Romance” with her unique and memorable new pieces.

Bathed in exotic colors and enhanced with something called Raffia (a paper-thin tropical texture,) Kendra’s created fringe and tassel- centric necklaces, bracelets and to-die-for earrings. Her new baubles are brave, bold and have individual styling power. My favorites are the Kristen & Denise (both pictured in the blog.) When you wear a pair, you don’t need any other accessory. #EarCandyAtItsFinest

And while Change isn’t easy for any of us, Kendra does it with sophistication, sex appeal and the kind of “Summer Romance” you can’t help but fall in love with. Her fashion-forward summer trends can literally transform any outfit. Speaking of transformations — using the power and healing energies of crystals and the rich & delightful smells of nature, Kendra is also introducing a new Candle Collection with three distinct creations.

The Rose Quartz, a stone of both the heart and unconditional love, smells of peony, vanilla & rose. The Amethyst, which can cleanse, calm and protect, has notes of blackberry, sandalwood & lilac blossom and Malachite, used for deep energy cleaning, is a fragrance of green ivy, frankincense & warm amber. The candles, which come with gorgeous crystals, are specifically designed to reflect different moods because as Kendra says: “Somedays I want to feel flirty, or even sultry. Others, I need a moment of calm and rejuvenation. But everyday I always choose optimism.”

No matter what kind of mood Kendra’s in these days, she’s channeling beautiful energy into some of the things I adore most: jewelry and home decor. Whether you’re making a fashion statement or filling your home with the positive and powerful — a fabulous “Summer Romance” is always a great place to start and that’s why it’s one of my Favorite Things. Happy Shopping!

Kendra Scott
Brickell City Centre
701 S. Miami Avenue
Miami, Florida 33130

The Kendra Scott Boutique is located on the second floor of Brickell City Centre. There’s garage parking and it’s free for the first two hours or shop the jewelry looks & home candles here:

Monday-Saturday: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Sunday: 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.

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IG: @KendraScott
FB: @KendraScott
Twitter: @KendraScott

“She lived in me
like the first days of summer
she was warm
and new
infinitely possible.” — Atticus

James Woodley Photography
Shot on location at Kendra Scott located at Brickell City Centre
All Jewelry provided by Kendra Scott
Two-piece white dress
Hair & Make-up: Odett Hernandez
Digital Editor: Jessie Neft-Swinger
Editor: Matthew ” Summer in the City” Auerbach

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