In the new Starz series “Shining Vale,” Courtney Cox has left her friends behind.

That’s for sure!

In this show, her family needs a fresh start, but as most of us know, you can’t run away from your past because it always has a way of haunting you.

Courtney Cox: “This move is really going to be great for us. Probably not.”

In Starz’ new series, “Shining Vale,” the Phelps’ new home in the ‘burbs isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The house comes with something extra: a ghost played by Mira Sorvino.

Courtney Cox is Patricia, a wife and mother who hasn’t been handling stress well.

Courtney Cox: “She is a writer and has writer’s block. She has marital strife, and she becomes possessed.”

Pat’s the only one who can see the ghost.

Her family thinks mom’s lost her marbles, but she’s dealing with a lot.

Courtney Cox: “She is going through a mid-life crisis. She has an affair, she is depressed.”

Greg Kinnear plays Pat’s hubby, Terry. He thinks a change of scenery will solve their problems.

Greg Kinnear: “Something has happened. There has been an infidelity, and they are determined to try to resurrect this fracture in the family and this problem by moving out to deep in the heart of Connecticut to a town called Shining Vale.”

The streaming series has a little bit of everything.

Courtney Cox: “It’s a drama, it’s a comedy, it’s a horror film.”

Courtney knows funny and frightening.

“Shining Vale” is a little different than Court’s role in “Scream.”

This one can get deep.

The actress took the gig ’cause it hit home.

Courtney Cox: “I was drawn to the film because I am a mom, and I understood the family dynamic, and I understand all of it in some way. I knew the things I didn’t I was going to figure it out.”

Sure — there’s a ghost in the story.

But at the core, it’s all about family.

Greg Kinnear: “There’s a lot of ways to make this over the top, and instead we all committed to finding the integrity of this family and finding someone for the audience to hold onto first and foremost.”

“Shining Vale” premiered last night, and is streaming now on Starz.

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