‘Six’ stars Olivia Munn, Barry Sloane answer tough questions

Olivia Munn is joining Season 2 of the History Channel’s hit drama series “Six,” which debuts Monday night. She’s dished details to Deco about the show and her character … until our interview turned into an impromptu episode of “Myth Busters.”

Olivia Munn (as Gina Cline): I don’t like this any more than you do.”

Olivia Munn is a woman on a mission in Season 2 of “Six.”

She stars as a new character — CIA operative Gina Cline — who teams up with Navy SEAL Joe Graves, played by the returning Barry Sloane.

Barry Sloane (as Joe Graves): “You’re still here?”

Olivia Munn (as Gina Cline): “This is my op, you’re my shooters.”

Olivia and Barry’s first time meeting was during production — and it’s food that brought them together.

Olivia Munn: “I’m like, ‘Hey everybody,’ and Barry’s like, ‘Bite of my sandwich?!'”

Barry Sloane: “Sandwich!”

Olivia Munn: “I’m like ‘No, it’s already half eaten.'”

Barry Sloane: “It’s the team sandwich! Eat the sandwich.”

Olivia Munn: “‘OK, I’ll take a bite of your sandwich.'”

This season has the team out to destroy a terrorist network, with Olivia doing some interrogating.

Olivia Munn (as Gina Cline): “The prince, where is he?”

So we wanted to know if Olivia is an inquisitive person in general.

Olivia Munn: “That’s actually a word that I would use to describe myself. I ask so many questions. I want to know everything.”

And that’s when things got way off track.

Olivia recently got carsick, so she wanted to know why.

Olivia Munn: “Our bodies aren’t supposed to go this fast, like in cars or planes or anything. And if you’re looking at the horizon, you’re good because you’re body’s like ‘OK, we’re looking forward.’ But if you have your head down or your eyes are closed, your brain thinks that you’re getting poisoned. So it makes you throw up.”

Barry Sloane: “Wow.”


Barry Sloane: “Tell us something else!”

Olivia Munn: “Umm, I also know why the sky is blue.”

Barry Sloane: “Reflection of the ocean.”

Olivia Munn: “You know too!”


Olivia Munn: “What else do you wanna know?”

You’re kinda putting us on the spot here.

Ummm … why do cats purr?

Olivia Munn: “House cats are like, ‘I am not a house cat. I am a lion!'”

Barry Sloane: “Yeah, they’re just not quite big enough to kill you.”

Olivia Munn: “And they’re like, ‘You can pet me if you want,’ so they’re purring but what they’re really saying is, ‘I can’t believe I’m in this house agaaaaain. I should be on the safari.'”

*Your cat probably doesn’t want to kill you.*

Olivia and Barry at this point wanted to remind everyone that this interview is not reflective of what you’ll see in Season 2.

Olivia Munn: “A lot of Season 2 of ‘Six’ is like–

Barry Sloane: “‘Don’t! Stop! Don’t touch me!'”

Olivia Munn: “‘Wait! No! I don’t want! C’mon!'”

Barry Sloane: “‘Do not! Don’t put your finger at me!'”

Olivia Munn: “‘But you, uh, uh!'”

Barry Sloane: “‘I am a member of the military.'”

Olivia Munn: “‘I’ll do what I want.'”

Season 2 of “Six” in out Monday.

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