When people think vegetarian food or plant-based food, typically it’s salads. Think again! It’s time to check out the Seed Food and Wine Festival. There’s no meat here, and the food is so good, you won’t miss it.

The Seed Food and Wine week is truly growing in popularity.

Alison Burgos, Seed Food and Wine Festival: “The Seed Food and Wine Festival was started five years ago, and it is the first only and best plant-based food and wine festival in the country.”

The plant-based party kicks off this week, highlighted by Thursday’s Burger Battle.

Alison Burgos: “We have 12 chefs from all over the country. Some are vegan and plant-based, some are not.”

Competing for top honors this year is Bubbles & Pearls out of Wilton Manors.

Josie Smith-Malave, Bubbles & Pearls: “I know I don’t have a vegan restaurant per se, but in this world, I’m a chef. I want to feed people. I am here to cater to everyone.”

Bubbles & Pearls is serving up a grain and mushroom burger topped with green chili aioli, fried onions and…

Josie Smith-Malave: “Cotton candy roasted tomatoes. I take roasted tomatoes, and I take them and toss them in melted cotton candy.”

They’re betting these veggie burgers taste as good as any meat burger.

Clifton Steele, customer: “I have had so many vegan and vegetarian meals because so many of my friends are vegan. I am the meat eater of the bunch, and this is up there with any vegan meal I have ever had.”

Over at Planta South Beach, the entire menu is plant-based.

Benjamin Goldman: “We cater to everyone, not just the plant-based diner. We are very exciting and we’re very innovative of what we create and what we do.”

Planta’s burger has lentils, mushrooms and some secret ingredients.

Benjamin Goldman: “We are going to offer something that is normally seen as a dairy product on our burger — not a dairy product — and we are going to do something really colorful with our buns that is going to make it really special and stand out.”

At Soul Tavern on South Beach, their burgers, like everything on the menu, are vegetarian — but you’d never know it.

Kinsler Josaime: “We are doing something that is creative for food, thinking outside of the box. We aren’t you typical vegetarian restaurant, so it’s not your mom and pop’s place.”

With beets and mushrooms, you won’t be asking, where is the beef?

Carmelo Bambace: “The burger is juicy. It’s not dry at all. It has great ingredients. It has a great taste. I love it.”

Kinsler Josaime: “It definitely looks like a burger. It will be a perfect rare or medium-rare burger. It looks like that, but it’s not. And it’s totally healthy for you and whatnot.”


Seed Food and Wine Festival

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