We would like to make a suggestion for song of the summer.

We know it’s a little early in the year, but we live in South Florida, so it doesn’t really matter.

Deco’s resident song-master Alex Miranda has the deets about Diplo’s new tune and video.

We’re all about to get “Dipolmatico” in Major Lazer’s new song.

The lyrics are about being diplomatic in the flirtation process, something I never am.

But with all the horse-riding in this music video, I’m getting a different idea.

Guaynna: “Diplo, diplo-diplo, diplomático. Esto es automático. Quiero darte, castigo. Pero andamo’ Diplo.”

Major Lazer wants you to take note of their new single “Diplomático.”

The group, which features Diplo, Ape Drums and Walshy Fire, tapped rapper Guaynaa to join them on the song.

Guaynaa: “It’s about this girl, is trying to get with me but I am being diplomatic.”

The catchy Spanish song will make you want to dance. Good luck getting the chorus out of your head.

Guaynna: “Diplo, diplo-diplo, diplomático.”

The backdrop for the video should look familiar. Yep, that’s Gulfstream Park.

Diplo: “They were great partners, so, like, they were excited to have, like, it’s unusual for them to get promoted by Reggaeton and they let us shoot a whole day there, so it was a great partnership.”

Once they had the location, they were off to the races to write the lyrics.

Diplo: “I think this is the very first video where we came up with the video concept before we made the song.”

Now that they’ve conquered Gulfstream, where else in SoFlo do they want to shoot?

Walshy Fire: “There’s a lot of spots. Miami has got a lot of spots. We gotta do one at a Cuban restaurant where we are like the chef serving. We gotta do one at Domino Park. Dania Jai Lai. Gotta do a Jai lai video. That would be crazy.”

Diplo: “Everglades down Alligator Alley, down that bridge across to Naples just to shoot a whole video there.”

Walshy Fire: “We have to do a video at the El Palacio.”

We recommend another place.

Announcer: “This is Deco Drive.”

You won’t lose any money on Deco.

The “Diplomatico” video dropped Monday, and it already has over 130,000 views.

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