Total coincidence: Fox’s new game show is named “Cherries Wild,” and Shireen and Lynn know a woman named Cherries Wild. Well, that’s just her stage name. Anyway, here’s the Fox-friendly “Cherries Wild.”

Jason Biggs is best known for his passionate love of baked goods in “American Pie.”

But man does not live by pie alone. Now, Jason is hosting Fox’s new game show, “Cherries Wild.”

Jason Biggs: “My wife pointed out to me earlier, she’s like, ‘You know, between ‘American Pie,’ ‘Orange Is the New Black’ and now ‘Cherries Wild,’ I’ve got a thing for fruit. I don’t really know what that thing is.”

Here’s what’s really wild: Jason has always wanted to host a game show.

Jason Biggs: “I think it’s a very specific skill set that, when done right, is really fun to watch. I’m not saying that I’m doing it right, but I always thought, ‘Hey, I’d love to get a crack at it.'”

This is how it works. Teams answer trivia questions for a chance to pull the handle of a 30-foot slot machine. If they get five wild cherries, they win $250,000.

If he wasn’t hosting, Jason says he’d be a great contestant because he has mad trivia skills.

Jason Biggs: “I’m usually the one dropping the bombs in our family when it comes to sort of pop culture information, and I sort of ingest all of it via Twitter, mostly, follow various magazines and websites, and so forth.”

The show premieres on Valentine’s Day, and Jason promises to give his fans a night to remember — with cherries on top.

Jason Biggs: “I think there’s so many people out there that have crushes on me, you know, from when they were growing up with the ‘American Pie’ movies, and I just feel like, what better way to give back to them than to let them tune in to ‘Cherries Wild'”?

Tune in to the premiere of “Cherries Wild,” Sunday at 7 p.m., right here on 7.

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