Get a glimpse of the luxurious Venice-Simplon Orient Express

Despite being known for having a high mortality rate — the Orient Express is actually very safe and very luxurious. We sent Chris to ride the rails and talk with a star of the remake of “Murder on the Orient Express.”

He lived to tell the tale and is here with the story.

Chris Van Vliet: “We’re here in Venice, Italy, as you can see the view here is absolutely terrible. We’re going to take the exact same ride as the characters from the film on the Venice-Simplon Orient Express. From here in Venice to Paris and I’m just hoping there’s no murders on this one.”

Since 1883, the Venice-Simplon Orient Express has been one of the most famous trains in the world.

Pascal Deyrolle, Venice-Simplon Orient Express: “Basically you can rediscover and enjoy the Golden Era of travel.”

The train is like a time capsule. Every carriage is at least 90 years old and it looks just like it did back then.

Chris Van Vliet: “I can reach out and touch the walls. A little cramped in here but this is home for the next 20 or so hours. This right here is my bed.”

We’re living just like the characters in Agatha Christie’s classic novel “Murder on the Orient Express.”

The book was first published in 1934. Forty years later, it was turned into a movie and now it’s being remade with an all star cast including Johnny Depp and our buddy, Hollywood, Florida’s own Josh Gad.

Josh Gad: “Just doing an interview going backwards on a train in Italy.”

Josh rode the train with us — and even though he stars in the film, he had never been on the Venice-Simplon Orient Express. That is movie magic, my friends.

Chris Van Vliet: “So this is your first time on the Venice-Simplon Orient Express?”

Josh Gad: “This is my very first time.”

Chris Van Vliet: “We’re experiencing a moment here together.”

Josh Gad: “This is it.”

Josh plays the assistant to Johnny Depp’s character — and when Johnny is murdered, everyone becomes a suspect.

Josh Gad: “He’s a delicious character to play because he’s got so many nuances that sort of unfold as the movie goes on.”

Our journey takes us through four countries — making a few stops along the way.

Chris Van Vliet: “About seven hours into the journey here, we’re making a stop in Innsbruck, Austria. These are the Austrian Alps behind us. That white stuff on top for everyone in Miami is called ‘snow.'”

Our stop in Austria was barely even half an hour, then it was back on board to eat.

Chris Van Vliet: “Dinner on the train is a black tie affair and the food is five-star.”

Like everything else, dinner on this train is an experience. But before long, the ride was over!

Chris Van Vliet: “We’ve arrived here in Paris, France. It was a murder free, and also a shower free ride.”


Venice-Simplon Orient Express

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