Deco rides in style with American Dream Tours

Go topless. You should — because going topless is the best way of seeing South Florida. Thanks to some classic convertibles, you can step back in time and cruise in true style.

In the 1950s, Miami Beach was booming. Tourists flocked to SoFlo for the sun, the sand and Sinatra at the Fontainebleau. Now, you can get a taste of those glamourous days in a whole new way.

American Dream Tours lets you ride in style in a convertible classic.

Lynn Martinez: “So what kind of car are we in now?”

Thierry Painparay, president and co-founder: “We are in the Edsel 1959 Corsair. It’s a convertible made only in 1,343 units only, and today probably only 300 left.”

Lynn Martinez: “What do you offer the tourist or anybody?”

Thierry Painparay: “So we offer tours, a half an hour, one hour tour of Miami Beach, so we point out the landmarks.”

Driver: “So here you have all the famous Art Deco buildings that was preserved by the city now.”

When you cruise down Ocean Drive and see the sights, don’t be surprised when you become the sight to see.

Lynn Martinez: “This is sort of reminiscent of all these old cars in Havana, which, of course, is 90 miles away.”

Thierry Painparay: “Exactly. Because in ’59 — this car is actually ’59, so it’s time period with the Revolution. Those cars were in. So today, we have a lot of Cuban people coming to us and saying, ‘Oh, I got this car in Cuba!'”

American Dream Tours will also take you to Wynwood, Coconut Grove and Coral Gables.

Prices start at $90.

It’s the perfect ride for a group or just for two.

Lynn Martinez: “So this is actually really romantic. You know, you have two people, you can cuddle up.”

Thierry Painparay: “We have a lot of couples want to do that.”

Lynn Martinez: “Well this car is sexy! I mean, I saw the hood, and I just wanted to jump on it.”

Thierry Painparay: “Nothing can scratch the paint. Normally, you have to be naked to be on that hood — that’s the French way.”

Thierry Painparay: “It’s totally private, you can fit five person maximum, and this is really your car, your time, and we are here to pamper you.”


American Dream Tour Miami
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Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 409-9901

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