These days, getting something other than a bill or spam in the mail can feel pretty special. But in the new movie “Wicked Little Letters,” the snail mail in question is real naughty! Deco’s having escargot with the cast, oh I mean, we’re getting cheeky with the cast!

A little dirty talk has everyone going postal in the new British comedy “Wicked Little Letters.”

Hugh Skinner (as Constable Pappewick): “Dear Edith, you foxy-ass old ***\.”

carry on.”

The hunt is on to find the mysterious mailer. Olivia Colman’s “Edith” suspects Jessie Buckley’s “Rose.”

Olivia Colman (as Edith Swan): “She’s heinous.”

Jessie Buckley (as Rose Gooding): “Edith, I didn’t do it.”

But there’s a true twist that even surprised the cast and director!

Thea Sharrock: “When I read it the first time, I had no idea that it was based on a true story.”

Olivia Colman: “And then halfway through going ‘No!’, going back to the front cover, realizing ‘Oh my god, it’s real!’, and giggling.”

Olivia Colman (as Edith Swan): “You’ve got a daughter at home. Why would I risk it all?”

Anjana Vasan plays “Gladys,” a police officer determined to get the truth.

Anjana Vasan: “I think Gladys is a great bridge actually between the two characters, there’s a bit of Rose and Edith in her.”

Anjana Vasan (as Gladys Moss): “I’m not standing for it.”

The film takes these characters on a wild ride but it’s all about balancing fun.

Olivia Colman (as Edith Swan) “Oh, would you return my pettipants before the trial next week? Just in case I don’t see you for a long while afterward. ‘ta.”

With character development

Thea Sharrock: “Edith is such a complex character, and the journey she goes on and, as you say, where she starts and where she ends up is, that arc, if you like, is really the story that you follow.”

Olivia Colman: “I love that it becomes about female friendship at the end and, you know, using their own wit and instinct to, to help.”

For Olivia, the film was also a chance to work with Jessie. The two have been friends for years but have never acted together.

Olivia Colman: “One moment in particular in the, in the middle of the square, where Jessie and I were both rubbish. We really struggled to keep it together.”

Jessie Buckley (as Rose Gooding): “You look like [bleeped] Queen Victoria shoved a [bleeped] Nettle up her [bleeped].”

Olivia Colman: “We swear at each other for free all the time, but it was nice to be paid to do it.”

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